To provide patient-centered high quality service to the society in an effective and efficient manner by optimum utilization of available resources, through the concerted efforts of satisfying patients' needs, facilitating staff's motivation and inviting public participation.



“Our aim is to provide the highest quality care to patient of all pages with orthopedic concerns.” Aging is inevitable and it causes slowdown in movement and agility. But here is the good news. It does not have to continue down that path. You can regain great mobility, great health and great life again.

Sunrise Hospital, a Joint Replacement Center, with all the latest technology and modern facilities was inaugurated on 19th jan. 2014.
Welcome to Sunrise Hospital

Dr. Rashmin Sadrani at Sunrise Hospital believes hospitals are about people; about patients and their families, specialists, doctors, nurses and support staff. We strive for a level of care and service and an environment where nothing is too much trouble.

Sunrise Hospital provides state of the art care in a professional and friendly environment and pay special attention to economize care without compromising quality. Essence of the hospital is professional and dedicated team which includes 100% of its employees.

Along with joint replacement we also provide surgery for cataract. The Sunrise Hospital is fully complemented of facilities for high quality inpatient care consisting of intensive care, operating room and patient room (Private and Semi-private with TV cable). The entire facility is air-conditioned.

Extensive consultation with you prior to surgery helps Dr. Rashmin Sadrani to establish exactly what your health needs are. And he will always fully discuss your treatment options with you, before allowing you to make your own decisions, without feeling pressured.


Knee Replacement

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Hip Replacement

The hip joint is a ‘ball and socket' joint in which the head of the femur (that is the Read more.....

Eye Surgeries

cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens. A normal lens is clear and lets light Read more.....

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